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Notes to Loved Ones
Music for Strings and Piano


Composer: Peter Dayton
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 March 2018

Peter Dayton makes his Navona Records debut with the release of Notes to Loved Ones, an album of works for piano and strings. Over the course of these 11 tracks (1 hr, 6 min, 19 sec) Dayton crafts an album that sounds like the highlights of the lifetime's work of an accomplished composer.

Personal highlights include 'Fantasy'; the heartbreakingly beautiful 'Morceaux des Noces - II. Adagio Semplice'; 'Variations'; and 'Sonata - II. Stark, percussive'.

'Fantasy' for viola and piano, is contemplative and collected. The composer, himself, likens its thematic content with “the continuity of a changing dream.” The string quartet 'Morceaux des Noces', is reflective of the Americana in early 20th century composition. Sonata 'Los Dedicatorias,' for violin and piano is tentative, with the juxtaposition of the highest part of violin’s range against the warm, middle tones of the piano.

Olivier Messiaen lovers will enjoy 'Variations' for string quartet, which is reminiscent of Quatuor Pour la Fin du Temp ('Quartet for the End of Time') and the ethereal qualities within it.

A lush and varied album which will bring you years of listening pleasure.


Darren Rea

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