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Something More


Artist: Timothy Lee Miller
Label: Ansonica Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 March 2018

Timothy Lee Miller presents Something More, eight original jazz compositions that explore the unique relationships that the composer has with his family. Expanding upon something as simple as a photograph or a memory, Miller's noir-influenced jazz expands his reflections beyond words, and instead creates story through moods. The album features both contemporary compositions, as late as 2017, as well as some that Miller had written back in the 1980s. Each track was inspired by snapshots in Miller's life, a soundtrack to a particular date in time with one of Miller's family members...

Fans of Timothy Lee Miller's work will love the opportunity to get an intimate glimpse into his personal life, as each of these eight tracks (55 min, 09 sec) focus on his family and his relationship with them.

The bustling, sweeping opener 'Sebastian's Day Off' takes its tempo from a day Miller spent in the park with his son. The composition makes quick jumps from energetic bebop to smooth lounge to bouncy jazz, providing readers with the breakneck direction changes that come with entertaining a small child.

The more solemn 'Inky and Marie' tackles the sorrow Miller felt when his Aunt Marie's dog Inky passed away one night during a visit.

The press information is sadly missing on the inspiration to the rest of the tracks, but 'Dear Della Mae' has a sexy, smoking Film Noir femme fatale vibe to it; while 'Poochie's Waltz' has a beautiful slow dance feel.

The diversity is key to why I enjoyed this release so much, along with the feeling that Miller was opening up his innermost feelings to the listener.


Nick Smithson

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