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May Your Kindness Remain


Artist: Courtney Marie Andrews
Label: Loose Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 March 2018

Following on from last year's (2017) Honest Life album, Courtney Marie Andrews releases her new LP, May Your Kindness Remain. Once again Andrews sings from the heart, delivering an album of personal and very intimate songs that see her laying her soul bare for everyone to see.

It's a brave move, which pays off well. It kicks of with the titular 'May Your Kindness Remain', which sees Andrews unleash the full power of her vocals. And as the tracks progressed I found myself thinking: "This is the best song. She can't top that" but then came the next track and it was even better.

This is more than a Country album - in fact I'd argue that if you don't like Country you'll still find much to love here - there's also a little folk. But, more importantly there's a lot of love and feelings poured into this project.

The LP contains 10 songs (42 min 59 sec) and covers just about every base. From the Bob Dylan-esque 'I've Hurt Worse' to the heartfelt 'This House'.


Nick Smithson

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