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Reason & Reverence
Works for Orchestra


Composers: Christopher Keyes, Diego Vega, Ferdinando De Sena, Willem van Twillert and Andrew Schultz
Conductor: Petr Vronský
Performed by: Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 June 2018

Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra perform a number of pieces by various composers on Reason & Reverence.

The album starts with Christopher Keyes’s 'An Inescapable Entanglement'. Keyes binds minimalist elements with late 16th and early 17th century forms of concerto to create a controlled chaos of instruments and voices playing distinct parts simultaneously. In his intent to create an antiphonal sound, Keyes employs eight loudspeakers to project the music achieving a thickened, full texture.

'Red Rock' is a symphonic poem commissioned by the Henderson Symphony and its music director, Taras Krysa. The music is based on the interaction of two musical materials, the first, calm and diatonic, presented by the French horns after the introduction and elaborated by the trumpets and the woodwinds; and the second, more angular and chromatic, also introduced by a solo French horn in the second section.

Fernidnando De Sena’s 'Deciphered Reverence' explores the idea of divine presence and creates an interpretation through the consistent, triumphant swelling of the orchestra.

Composed by Willem Van Twillert, multiple styles set the foundation for the 8-part 'Branches of Singularity'. Multiple developments transitions from one style to another -- from medieval, baroque, and renaissance, to romance, film and church music.

Andrew Schultz’s 'Symphony No. 2 – Ghosts of Reason' paints a haunting atmosphere by drawing out the wistful bleakness of its wandering melodies.

This album is an interesting mix of conventional Classical music, film score and modern Classical music. I'm not normally a fan of atonal, unmelodic Classical releases, and so this album wonderfully eases you into more modern compositions which are grounded in beautifully moving pieces of music.

Christopher Keyes
01  - An Inescapable Entanglement
Lucie Kaucká (piano)

Diego Vega
02 - Red Rock

Ferdinando De Sena
03 - Deciphered Reverence

Willem van Twillert
Branches of Singularity
05 - II Tempo  giusto
06 - III Leggiero 
07 - IV Andante e molto cantabile
08 - V Tempo giusto 
09 - VI  Andante  molto cantabile
11 - VIII  Blues and Coda

Andrew Schultz
12 - Symphony No 2: Ghosts of Reason, Opus 76


Darren Rea

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