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Higher Power
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Kevin Riepl
Label: Notefornote Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 June 2018

Notefornote Music release the original soundtrack to Higher Power, which contains the film's score by Kevin Riepl. When the Universe decides what it wants, it's pointless to resist. With his family's life at stake, Joseph Steadman finds himself the unwilling test subject of a maniacal scientist in a battle that could save the world, or destroy it...

Kevin Riepl (Atropa; Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts; Batman Unlimited:
Monster Mayhem
) pretty much uses all the tools in his toolbox to craft the score for Higher Power, including a live orchestra, modular synths and sound design to create a vast palette of sounds.

While it no doubt adds atmosphere to the movie it only just works as a standalone project (which let's be fair, it was never meant to be). There are numerous themes and set pieces that will attract your attention, but for me it was more a listening experience where I was constantly marvelling at the way the sounds were presented - a lot of which were new to me.

Of the score's 29 tracks (1 hr, 17 min, 29 sec) noteworthy segments can be found in 'Main Titles'; 'Unstoppable'; 'The Shipyard' (which reminded me of Tim Wynn's score to the game The Darkness II; and this album's most intricate, beautiful theme based 'Cosmic Event'.

This is an engaging and novel score that packs in quite a lot of themes. You'll spend ages discovering everything it has to offer.


Darren Rea

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