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Mind & Machine
Organic and Electronic Works
Volume One


Composers: Various
Label: Ravello Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 August 2018

Mind & Machine is the first of two electro-acoustic compilations to be released by Ravello Records. Featuring the work of seven composers on six tracks, the album explores the incredible range of works that can be categorized as electro-acoustic, a music in which styles are dictated by the technology that is at the heart of its performance...

The pieces on Mind & Machine range from the beautiful and uplifting ('Absent Light' and 'Sunrise Sonata') to the downright creepy ('Costa Mesa Rocking Chair').

The album contains 6 tracks (48 min, 16 sec) and hands done, no hesitation, the highlight is Bill Whitley's beautifully constructed 'Absent Light' which sucks you in. This is the one track where I was disappointed when it was all over. A truly beautiful piece.

It's an interesting and captivating album which showcases some incredibly moving works by very different composers. I'm looking forward to hearing what's unleashed in the second volume.

Track listing:

Doug Bielmeier
01 - Costa mesa rocking chair (9:32)

Jon Bellona 2
02 - Currents (5:25)

Julius Bucsis
03 - In the Interest of Time (4:03)

Herbert Deutsch
04 - Abyss (7:01)

Bill Whitley
05 - Absent light (13:20)

Schliestett & Bliss
06 - Sunrise Sonata (8:58)


Darren Rea

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