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Soundtrack Review

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Season 3
The Soundtrack to the Netflix Original Series


Composer: John Paesano
Label: Marvel Music and Hollywood Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 October 2018

Marvel Music and Hollywood Records release John Paesano music for the third season of Netflix's Daredevil TV series. Paesano delivers a dark, brooding score which is not so much charged with memorable themes as some might expect considering it's music for a superhero show.

The 23 tracks (1 hr, 15 min, 03 sec) amble along amiably enough, but if you're looking for memorable and engaging themes you won't find many hiding in here.

Personally I liked the fact that it's different from the usual 'epic' thumping scores for the genre. This is an album that you can easily let wash over you whilst you do something else.

While perfect in the show, it has a slight tendency to sound a little flat when listened to on its own merits.


Darren Rea

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