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Pocket Tactical Knife Sharpener


Manufacturer: AnySharp

Item Number: #ASTKS
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The AnySharp Pocket Tactical Knife Sharpener is a professional knife sharpener for any pocket knife, tactical knife, buck knife, swiss army knives, hunting knife, fishing knife or camping knife. With a chain loop for key chains or key rings, it hooks to key chains or carabiners, and can be removed independently. Finely diamond honed V+ tungsten carbide sharpening tools provide rapid results for any steel, hardened steel or serrated knife in seconds...

For those who enjoy camping, fishing or any outdoor activity that involves the possible use of a knife or scissors, AnySharp's pocket-sized Tactical Knife Sharpener is ideal to pack away with your kit in case of emergencies. It's small and easy to use in a jam.

While, obviously it's no substitute for the more industrial grade knife sharpeners on the market, as a lightweight, portable sharpener this will get the job done on the move.

While I have no use for a portable knife sharpener, my better half does a lot of dressmaking and goes through scissors at a rate of knots. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly and well this works to sharpen scissors and household knives which have become blunted over the years.

The sharpener has an integral finger grip to ensures that even the clumsiest of us suffers no slips or accidents. Measuring just 70mm x 25mm in size and only 6mm thick, this sharpener won't take up much room in your bag, making it the ideal item to always carry with you (assuming you engage in pursuits that involve a knife).


Nick Smithson

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