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The Cute Little Dead Girl


Writer: Roman Dirge
Artist: Roman Dirge
Colourist: Roman Dirge
Publisher: Titan Comics
Age: TBC
32 pages
Publication Date: 07 August 2019

The world’s cutest cadaver. The most lamentable leading lady. The gruesome goth girl herself. Lenore returns at last, in a new series from creator Roman Dirge. Trapped in her house by a demented pickle hat (just roll with it), Lenore must find some way to escape the mad killing spree! Or just kick back and eat her friends. One of the two...

It's been a long time coming... some would say too long... but Roman Dirge returns to everyone's favourite cute little dead girl, Lenore, to bring us some new wacky adventures.

Lenore is a character that has been taken to the heart of millions, a cute little dead girl with a string of bizarre friends. The thing is... those that grew up with her (or more likely discovered her exploits while at university), may have outgrown her. And I'm not sure whether a new audience would find her as entertaining as the previous generation.

I have to admit I was a fan, but not an avid follower. And, on the first read through, I couldn't make up my mind if Dirge was just just cashing in on past glories, or if he was truly trying to bring some of the magic back with this new collection.

Issue #1 is as bizarre as anyone could wish for. It opens with a recap on events by Flashback Squirrel before moving on to show Lenore and Pooty trapped in a creepy old mansion by a psychopathic murdering Pickle Hat. If that wasn't mad enough... wait until you meet the Timegoats.

If you have a twisted, unhinged sense of humour then you'll get a blast from this new series.


Nick Smithson

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