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The Original Soundtrack From the Motion Picture


Composer: Night Kisses
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 February 2019

Plaza Mayor releases the Original Motion Picture soundtrack to Clickbait on digital CD and download. In the film, directed by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, Bailey is a popular ‘flogger’ who loses status to another person who is diagnosed with cancer. Bailey regains her popularity when she is stalked on a regular basis. For obvious reasons she is reluctant to report the crime. That is until she is kidnapped by a fan and has to rely on an uncaring roommate to save her. The music is by Night Kisses featuring Catherine Capozzi, Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola...

This is a mixed bag but on the whole pleasing collection of 23 tracks where the emphasis is on the 1980s synthesiser sound, but much more refined than many of that decade’s John Carpenter wannabes. It begins with 'Broken Heart', which has a nice, smooth bass beat, but the electronics turn the vocals whiny. However, it still manages to be both a Pop and Rock song. 'Laura, Who is Dying of Cancer', has strings and bass, though it follows the chords of the previous song. 'I Lost My Key', is a nice synthesiser tune which transports you back to the emergence of New Romantics. This track should really have been longer. 'Froot in Every Toot!' brings to mind Toot Sweets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Bailey Has a Stalker, is a menacing, atmospheric mood piece with strings. 'A Rose From Chase', is a filler incorporating a jaunty, very short solo horn tune. 'Thanks For Your Bravery', starts like a great electronic pop song, but abruptly ends the moment it begins.

Now we get to what is by far the best track on the collection. 'The Stalker Part I', has heavy breathing and a great bass synth riff. It’s both atmospheric and funny, using drum rolls and discordant noises. It seems to fill in more of the sound as it goes on. 'It Was So Cute!' Is a jaunty circus-like filler. 'Emma Gets a Closer Look' is just a few second of Psycho slashes. 'Chase Loves Toot Strudels!' is somewhat similar to track 4. 'The Day Stalker' is like 'The Stalker Part 1', but with different sound effects surrounding the riff – and much shorter. I love the deep synth sound with voice-like notes in 'Brayden Loves Stomping on Things!' 'A New Cycle' has church-type heavenly music which becomes muffled. It’s slow, becoming more mysterious and hinting at menace. 'The Favourite Snack of Night Creepers Everywhere!' Is a sort of amalgamation of 'The Stalker' theme and the 'Toots' advert. 'The Stalker Part II', begins with electronic monk voices. It becomes an alternative version of 'The Stalker Part 1'. Nice drums and sound effects.

'I Even Thought You Were a Suspect', is another obvious mixing of 'The Stalker' theme with the 'Toot' tune. 'Lair of the Stalker', has bass drum beats, heaving breathing, with the chords and subdued music of 'The Stalker'. 'The Do-Not-Call List' is only the high-pitched phone ring-tone of 'The Stalker'. 'The Greatest Lives in the History of The Stalker'; a rumbling is followed by a synth version over a few bars. 'The Reflexes of the Elephant', is like an approaching storm, with rumbling and reverb. 'Beautiful Dreamer' is done in a childlike carousel manner. We finish with 'Up Above, Down Below'. This is a Rock/Punk song which is far too short.

I realise they are cues for scenes, but many of the little, few-second snippets could have been dispensed with in favour of longer and more varied suites. I love the electronica of this soundtrack; it’s just that certain ideas are returned to a few times. As mentioned 'The Stalker' has much potential and you kind of want it to be longer and more diverse. Nevertheless, this is a solid enough score.


Ty Power

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