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Ultimate Superheroes
Music to Save the World to


Composer: Various
Performed by: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Label: Sony Classical
Release Date: 15 February 2019

Sony Classical International music releases Ultimate Superheroes: Music to Save the World To. The themes originate from such composer luminaries as John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, Tyler Bates, Christopher Beck, and Ludwig Goransson. The music is performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by Robert Ziegler. There are 13 tracks incorporating both Marvel and DC Comics characters...

There is a huge worldwide audience for superhero movies, and they’ve become increasingly more elaborate, with complex storylines and big budget special effects. They are some of the highest grossing returns in the business. Of course, films featuring epic subject matter such as super-human beings are a product of their parts, and the film score is an integral part of what carries the viewer along on a journey of what is, after all, a more than far-fetched situation.

To reflect the balance of the film, the dramatic 'Theme From Ant-Man' is interspersed with jaunty aspects which incorporate the quirkiness of the character. 'The Theme From The Dark Knight Rises' begins with the award-winning music from the Batman animated series, elaborating and extending as it progresses. 'United Nations/End Titles From Black Panther' has horn, woodwind percussion, adding tribal music and orchestra and even trumpets. Very grandiose. Atmospheric tribal dancing sounds and xylophones are joined by an encompassing big band. 'Main Theme From Captain America: The First Avenger' is a great military beat, brass-led piece, which is also used in the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series. 'The Master of The Mystic Arts End Credits (from Doctor Strange)' has harpsichord, 1970s-style electric guitars, a mystic East sound and even Hammond organ.

'Main Theme From Guardians of the Galaxy' is dramatic enough but, compared with the others, is rather bland and non-descript (probably because I’m not a lover of the film). 'Main Title Theme From Iron Man' is excellent. I love the heavy industrial sound, and it’s one of the best films Marvel have produced. 'Main Title Theme From Spider-Man' is a more moderately paced piece, with much more of a variance in terms of style. It has moments of clear introspection before returning to the dramatic centrepiece. 'March From Superman' uses the classic and instantly recognisable music from the Christopher Reeves film, directed by Richard Donner. 'Taskforce X From Suicide Squad' has a haunting opening which then  gets heavy and slightly industrial in its theme. There are light breaks, before it returns to the driving beat. I can’t help but think that certain aspects of this are borrowed from Avengers.

'Assemble From The Avengers' contains some of the best Marvel music, and has been reused in the subsequent Avengers films. A great heroic theme. 'Ragnarok From The Avengers' is introduced with quiet pagan music, before a grand orchestral piece with high angelic vocals takes over. It has a good melodic moderate pace which is fit for a Norse god. 'Suite From X2' (taken from X-Men 2) makes you appreciate how parts of this music may have inspired the main theme for the Avengers Assemble movie.

Of course, fans and collectors of these films will already be aware of the grand and atmospheric themes backing them, but for anyone interested in superhero stories or just darn good themes this is worth anyone’s money.

Track listing:

01 - Theme (From "Ant-Man")
02 - Theme (From "The Dark Knight Rises")
03 - United Nations / End Titles (From "Black Panther")
04 - Main Theme (From "Captain America: The First Avenger")
05 - The Master of The Mystic End Credits (From “Doctor Strange”)
06 - Main Title Theme (From "Guardians of the Galaxy")
07 - Main Title Theme (From "Iron Man")
08 - Main Title Theme (From "Spider-Man")
09 - March (From "Superman")
10 - Task Force X (From "Suicide Squad")
11 - Assemble (From "The Avengers")
12 - Ragnarok Suite (From "Thor")
13 - Suite From X2 (From “X-Men 2”)


Ty Power

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