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The Radiophonic Workshop (1975)
(2019 Reissue)


Composers: various
Performed by: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
SILED1542 (download), SILLP1542 (vinyl)
Release Date: 26 April 2019

After the release of BBC Radiophonic Music (1971), and Fourth Dimension (1973), The Radiophonic Workshop (1975) was the third album to be produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Whereas the first album focused on showcasing commissioned TV themes, and the second was mainly Paddy Kingsland’s project, most of the tracks on this album were written by the Workshop’s composers specially for the release, the exceptions being 'Major Bloodnok’s Stomach', 'The Panel Beaters' and 'The World of Science'...

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop's output has a very precise audience. This is not the sort of music that will appeal to most people. While it was cutting edge in its day, and indeed is widely regarded as a major influence on the development of electronic music worldwide, it sounds incredibly dated by today's standards. And so, for a younger, more modern audience, this is a curiosity of a bygone age. The album features both the EMS VCS 3 and EMS Synthi 100 synthesisers and was the first The BBC Radiophonic Workshop album to be produced in stereo.

'Crazy Dazy', like 'Christmas Commercial' from the previous album, BBC Radiophonic Music, uses then familiar sounds to create a tune. While in 'Christmas Commercial' it was the sound of a ringing cash register, in 'Crazy Dazy', it's bike bells ringing the tune 'Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)'. 'Bath Time' is probably the creepiest, yet most interesting track here.

This was only ever going to appeal to those who have a fondness for The BBC Radiophonic Workshop's output, or are samplers or mixers looking for a weird, retro sound.

Track listing:

01. La Grande Pièce de la Foire de la Rue Delaware
02. Brio
03. Adagio
04. Geraldine
5. Bath Time
06. Nénuphar
07. Accentric
08. Major Bloodnok’s Stomach
09. The Panel Beaters
10. Crazy Dazy
11. Veils and Mirrors
12. Romanescan Rout
13. Schlum Rooli
14. Kitten’s Lullaby
15. Chino
16. Waltz Antipathy
17. The World of Science


Darren Rea

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