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In Nomine Satanas
40th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Boxset


Artist: Venom
Label: BMG Records
RRP: £150.00
4 050538411157
Release Date: 31 May 2019

BMG releases In Nomine Satanas – 40 Years in Sodom, a 40th-Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Box Set by Metal band Venom. The original line-up consisted of Cronos (Conrad Lant) on bass and vocals, Mantas (Jeff Dunn) on guitar, and Abaddon (Tony Bray) on drums. Originating in Newcastle, Venom emerged with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s – joining other luminaries such as Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Angel Witch, Tygers of Pan Tang, Chariot, and many others. They are said to have invented the sub-genre of Black Metal. The set incorporates nine vinyl discs and a whole bunch of other goodies...

Right from the start Venom were different, centring on a heavy thrash format (with lesser Punk elements) which suited their motif of dark occult themes and satanic lyrics. They are almost certainly the first band to appear in publicity photos and on stage covered in theatre blood – a trend which would catch on with other (mostly American) bands in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. Although Cronos fell-out with his band mates, taking Venom through an alternative line-up, he reformed with them for one album. This was to seal their permanent separation. Even though Chronos is as passionate about Venom as ever (Storm the Gates is a brand new album) he still has warm memories of those ground-breaking early days.

It is a definite gift to the fans of old, as this celebratory boxset incorporates their remastered debut Welcome to Hell from 1981 (on splatter vinyl, with embossed cover, and original poster); Black Metal from 1982 (on swirl vinyl, embossed cover and original poster); At War With Satan from 1984 (on splatter vinyl, with leather-look cover and 6-page roll-fold booklet; Possessed from 1985 (on splatter vinyl, mirror board sleeve and original poster); Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, a live album from 1985 recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon (on half and half vinyl, with original gatefold sleeve and inserts); Bloodlust (a 7” Planchette-shaped picture disc single); and Sons of Satan (a new album of unreleased very early demos – warts and all).

And as if this isn’t good enough, there are a number of interesting pieces of merchandise: a Venom’s Legions back patch; a Seven Dates of Hell tour programme reproduction; a Seven Dates of Hell two-sided tour poster; and a very nice 12” x12” hardback book of The Story of Venom, written by Metal journalist Dom Lawson, with new and rare photos and brand new interviews with Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon.

For any long-time fans of Venom (and Metal fans in general) this is an exciting release. I have just two problems with it. Firstly, although I’m quite a diverse Metal enthusiast, I’ve never really been into Venom as much as many other bands from the same era. I will say that this set is a good way to familiarise yourself with the band – provided you have enough groats at your disposal. And that brings me to my second quibble; the price of this set averages around the £150 to £160 mark. More than most hard working people can afford. There is an alternative, however; the Inomine Satanas – The Neat Anthology, a 22-track double vinyl release of Venom’s best songs, remastered and presented on splatter vinyl, with interviews and rare photos. Or there’s a 43-track 2-CD version for those without a turntable.


Ty Power

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