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Music From the How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy


Composer: John Powell
Performed by: London Music Works
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 July 2019

Silva Screen Records presents a compilation album of music from the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy. The album features 14 exhilarating themes (55 min, 10 sec) from John Powell’s scores, performed by London Music Works. Based on Cressida Cowell's popular children's book, set in a mystical Viking world, the animated trilogy follows the story of teenager Hiccup, and dragon Toothless. Aspiring to be a dragon slayer, Hiccup captures his first dragon, but instead of killing Toothless, he befriends him...

In the How To Train Your Dragon series, composer John Powell relies on the tradition of Wagnerian leitmotifs. The themes representing different characters, concepts and locations are spread across the trilogy and the music ranges from quiet, reflective moments of melancholy to epic, blockbuster pomp and ceremony.

Powell's themes are ones you can hum, and once heard, on repeat listens they are instantly memorable. This is the perfect taster for the franchise and Powell's music in general. And should ensure that you'll be eager to seek out the original scores for your music library.

This compilation has been thoroughly researched by someone at Silva Screen Records who not only loves Powell's music, but also has an incredible ear for structuring a compilation album. This flows incredibly well, with one track seamlessly following on from the next as though they were originally designed to work this way.

London Music Works do an incredible job of pretty much representing the original score. The recording is as professional as the original recordings.

Track listing:

01. This is Berk (From "How to Train Your Dragon")
02. Forbidden Friendship (From "How to Train Your Dragon")
03. Test Drive (From "How to Train Your Dragon")
04. Romantic Flight (From "How to Train Your Dragon")
05. Coming Back Around (From "How to Train Your Dragon")
06. Dragon Racing (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
07. Flying with Mother (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
08. Hiccup and Valka (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
09. Stoicks Ship (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
10. Toothless Found (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
11. Two New Alphas (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
12. Legend Has It Cliffside Playtime (From "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World")
13. As Long As He's Safe (From "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World")
14. Once There Were Dragons (From "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World")


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