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Soundtrack Review

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Star Trek (2009)
(2019 Deluxe Edition)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Michael Giacchino
Label: Varèse Sarabande
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Release Date: 27 September 2019

Due to popular demand Varèse Sarabande are reissuing their 2010 deluxe edition release of the soundtrack for Star Trek (2009). This greatly expanded edition of Michael Giacchino’s score was originally limited to 5000 copies. Since the last copy was purchased almost a decade ago, there have been requests for a reprint. The packaging has been streamlined to a standard jewel case, but the track listing remains identical and includes the abundance of additional cues that had been previously unreleased... but be quick as, once again, only 5000 copies have been released...

Whether you were a fan of the Star Trek reboot movie series or not, one thing is clear, the production really went to town when it came to the film's score. Composer Michael Giacchino delivered not only a memorable main theme, but plenty of intricate piece that are woven throughout the movie.

In the past I mentioned how much I didn't really care for this score (in my review of the soundtrack to Star Trek Beyond) and I'm now wondering if I was listening to the right album, as revisiting it I found so much to enjoy. If I could, I'd go back and have a long, stern talk with my younger self.

This extended release adds so much more to the original, single disc, release. Incredibly there are no filler tracks thrown in to bulk out the album, all the music here is worthy of your time. While some might argue that the main theme is a little over used, I didn't really think it appeared unnecessarily. It's such a memorable and strong theme that it's welcomed whenever it shows up.

I also caught the spirit of John William's work from The Witches of Eastwick when listening to 'Enterprising Young Men'.

If you didn't manage to pick up the 2-disc release when Varèse Sarabande launched it in 2010, then now is the perfect opportunity to ensure it's added to your collection. Giacchino delivers some incredible music very much in the spirit of the earlier movies. While never paying direct homage, He manages to capture the essence of Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner over the course of these 44 tracks (1 hr, 38 min, 50 sec).

Fans of the movies really should own this, as should anyone who is a fan of the composer's work.



Darren Rea