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Little Rockerz
Costume Headphones


Manufacturer: Ifrogz
RRP: £19.99
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Ages: 3+
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Ifrogz's Little Rockerz Costume headphones come in a variety of designs so that boys and girls can dress as a character that best fits their personality. Each set comes with a built-in volume limiter which means that the headphone volume won’t go above 85 decibels. The 1.2-metre cable allows your kids to really get into the fun while the coiled cable offers plenty of length and stays out of the way...

Ifrogz's Little Rockerz costume headphones are a fun and safe way to ensure that your kids can enjoy their music, watch films without disturbing anyone else, or play mobile games and immerse themselves in the sound effects and music.

We were sent the Dragon costume set for review, but there are plenty of other styles available to buy. Some are bluetooth enabled for wireless listening, while some, like the Dragon set, come with a conventional wired cable. It also comes with a buddy jack audio splitter so that parents can share what their kids are listening to.

The headphones are nicely cushioned and perfect for small heads. Overall, these are fun and novel headphones that allow your little one to reflect their own personality through their individual style.


Nick Smithson

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