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AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener
Oil Slick


Manufacturer: AnySharp
RRP: £14.99
Ages: 2+
7 78988 24029 8
Item Number: 24029
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Avoid blunt carving knives in the kitchen with the AnySharp Pro knife sharpener. Just 3 to 4 light strokes and your knife is restored in a matter of seconds bringing the oldest of knifes currently collecting dust at the back of your kitchen cupboards back to their full working capability. The PowerGrip suction cup attaches securely to any flat surface keeping your sharpener safely in place without the potential of any accidents. The Any Sharp Pro is crafted from a premium metal body that provides you with a more luxurious look and feel. Not to mention the extensive colour range to suit your set up, whether that is royal blue, racing green or orange zest...

Everyone has knives around the home which are not quite as sharp as they were when they were first bought. For years I've been meaning to get around to buying a knife sharpener, but I really had no idea which, if any, was the best model to buy.

The AnySharp Pro sharpens your knifes, as you'd expect, but with the minimum of effort (just a few light strokes). But what I really liked is the fact that it has a suction cup, which is activated using a lever, which ensures it stays firmly in place on any flat surface. This means you can sharpen with one hand ensuring that you can't get injured as you potential could with some hand held models.

It comes in a wide variety of colours (we were sent the futuristic looking oil slick model) to suit every user and colour coordinate any kitchen.

A word of warning though (and while it should be common sense, it's worth pointing this out) this sharpener is only suitable for knives... not scissors. There is an AnySharp device that allows you to sharpen both knives and scissors, but if you try sharpening your scissors on this model you'll just end up making them blunter. A totally different set up on the blades needs to be employed as scissor blades are only sharp on one side.

If you don't already own a knife sharpener, then this is a cheap and effective way of keeping your utensils as sharp as when you first bought them.


Nick Smithson

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