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Audio Book Review


The Mythos Suite


Read by: Stephen Fry
Music: Debbie Wiseman

Publisher: Decca Records / Audio Network

RRP: £13.99

Release Date: 21 February 2020

Decca Records and Audio Network present a unique recording project, featuring the inimitable storytelling talents of Stephen Fry and music from award-winning British composer Debbie Wiseman. Wiseman's music was inspired by Fry's Mythos, a collection of vivid works retelling Ancient Greek myths and legends, updated for the modern age. Developed in close collaboration with Fry, Wiseman created a five-track suite of long form compositions showcasing musical tales from the dawn of time, with themes representing Persephone, Marsyas, Rhea and Sisyphus...

This release is a bit of an odd one. It's a cross between audiobook and soundtrack... but without offering a full release of either format. The project appears to be first and foremost a soundtrack, as Debbie Wiseman was inspired by Stephen Fry's Mythos book and created a sort of mini score. Fry was then brought in to read shortened versions of five tales from Ancient Greek myths and legends.

So we end up with an incomplete audiobook and music designed for just five stories. But, despite my misgivings of the format, the end results are surprisingly effective. Fry's readings are perfect, narrated in a manner only he could deliver, but it's Wiseman's music that should be your main focus. It really is incredible, and brings Fry's dialogue vividly to life.

While the track listing sees the stories and music mixed together, you can rearrange them so that it plays all of the audio tracks first and the full score afterwards. How ever you decide to listen to this there's one thing that you can't argue with: this is an incredible album of beautiful music that brings Fry's storytelling vividly to life.


Darren Rea

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