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Nintendo Switch Game Review

Drink More Glurp


Format: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Catastrophic Overload Ltd
Developer: Catastrophic Overload Ltd
RRP: £7.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 06 August 2020

It seems that aliens have been watching our Olympic games through television signals. Thinking that this looks like a lot of fun they decided to hold their own games. Unfortunately for the athletes, commercial sponsors have got involved, each adding quirks which reflect their products and change the gameplay...

Review imageDrink More Glurp is an entertaining party game, supporting up to twenty players, released for the Switch. There is a single-player mode, but apart from the practice it affords you, the only reason to use this mode is for gaining trophies to rank yourself against an online leader board.

The game comes with minimal customisable options. You can increase/decrease the music and SFX volume. Vibration can be turned off or on and the game supports a combination of ten European and Asian languages.

The presentation is colourful if lacking in any significant detail. The audio track is the sort of jolly, quirky affair that works great in party mode, but if you are going to play the single-player mode it may grate after a while.

Review imageIn single-player mode, you can choose from a list of ten events, each of which will gain you some collectibles. In party mode, the game will present the players with a random set of games to compete in. You can also choose to play the levels in either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced mode. I suggest you start with beginner as the game’s controls are both a source of endless frustration and hilarity. For the masochists out there, as well as changing the number of players you can change the number of rounds, all the way up to ninety-nine.

So basically, you control a ball-like creature that has rubbery limbs, reminiscent of one of those inflatable tube men adverts. Depending on the event your alien can run, kind of, lift things and jump into the air.

This all sounds simple until you tackle the controls, which is not unlike rubbing your belly while tapping your head. You control your creature with the two-analog sticks, rotating each to get him to move, this is more difficult than it sounds and deliberately so. As predominantly a party game, most of the joy will come from not winning but seeing your opponent flailing all over the place trying to get their little competitor to the end of the track.

Review imageDepending on your social bubble these days, the game works well on the Switch Lite for two to four players, if you are looking to add more than this, I would install it on the original Switch.

As well as the overall fun aspect of the game I did like the fact that the game only uses one controller, which is passed amongst the players. This not only cuts down the need to buy more expensive additional controllers but also removes any ambiguity as to who is playing. You might want to invest in some alcohol wipes.


Charles Packer

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