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PS4 Game Review



Monster Sanctuary


Format: PS4
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Developer: Moi Rai Games
RRP: £15.99
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Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 08 December 2020

Monster taming meets metroidvania. Collect, train and battle monsters in a side-view pixel world. Choose your spectral familiar and follow in your ancestors’ footsteps to become a Monster keeper and save the Monster Sanctuary. Embark on an epic adventure using the powers of the monsters you collect, and the team you build, to unlock an ever-expanding world. On your quest to become the ultimate Monster Keeper you’ll unravel the cause of a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters...

Review imageMonster Sanctuary follows a well trodden path, but that doesn't mean it's not a hell of a lot of fun. When you start the game you can choose your character's appearance as well as opt for one of a handful of spectral familiars (which becomes your first monster). As you wander around the environment, taking on other indigenous beasties, you get the chance to find eggs, which can be hatched (or, later in the game, raised by others).

As the game opens you are slowly shown the basics of combat in a series of tutorials which never take you out of the game, Once you reach the Keeper's Stronghold you'll be able to buy and sell items as well as opening up other areas of the game to explore

Review imageEach of the monsters you raise can help you as you traverse the world. They each have their own skill tree. Each battle won awards all of your monsters points and when they have enough points they level up (giving you a single point to spend on their skill tree). Before you engage in combat you're shown your currently selected monsters along with those of the opponent, giving you the option to rejigg your team or make a run for it.

The retro graphics style of the game helps to provide a nostalgia trip for those who grew up playing games like Zelda. For those that put the time in, and are huge fans of this genre, there's much to enjoy here.


Nick Smithson

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