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Girl in Green


Artist: Paul English
Label: Big Round Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 January 2020

Jazz composer and pianist Paul English releases his new album, Girl in Green, via Big Round Records. The album features never-before-heard renditions of immortal classics as well as English’s original works...

Girl in Green is a strange release in that it mixes Paul English's original pieces alongside renditions of some well known artists work. In a lesser artist this could have smacked of laziness (maybe they didn't have enough solid works of his own to fill out an entire album); arrogance (maybe they were trying to show that they have the skill and artistry to stand alongside some of the greats); or opportunistic (are they trying to slip their pieces into jazz history by having them performed alongside some classic tracks?) but none of this comes across in this recording. What we end up with are new recordings that compliment the classics. If anything English's compositions act as a wonderful bridge between the well known tracks to ensure that everything gels smoothly.

This is an album that was almost lost forever. English originally performed at the Texas Jazz Festival in 2000 with a lineup of musicians accompanying him. The magic was there, and the group booked two last-minute recording sessions at a nearby studio to capture it. Shortly afterward, the small record label English was signed with folded, and the recordings were locked away for nearly two decades – until now.

Girl in Green features the best takes from these recordings. English leads his players through legendary jazz tunes like 'Equinox' by John Coltrane and Solar by 'Miles Davis'. The album also features English’s original works, including the title track, 'Girl in Green'.

The LP contains 10 songs (1 hr, 05 min, 33 sec) and it really does feel like one seamless work of art. Jazz enthusiasts will hopefully love his take on Coltrane and Davies pieces.

Track listing:

John Coltrane
01 - Equinox (8:05)
Ed Calle (first tenor sax solo), David Liebman (second tenor sax solo)

Victor Young, Wayne King & Egbert Van Alstyne Haven Gillespie
02 - Beautiful Love (6:35)
David Liebman (tenor saxophone)

Paul English
03 - Girl in Green (1975) (5:47)
David Liebman (opening tenor sax, second tenor sax solo), Ed Calle (first tenor sax solo)

Sergio Mihanovich
04 - Sometime Ago (6:48)
Ed Calle (soprano sax)

Miles Davis
05 - Solar (5:35)
David Liebman (tenor saxophone)

Paul English
06 - One Final Word (1970) (5:52)
David Liebman (soprano sax solo), Ed Calle (tenor sax solo)

Miles Davis / Bill Evans
07 - Blue in Green (5:29)
David Liebman (soprano saxophone)

Paul English
08 - Missing Lady (1974) (6:21)
David Liebman (soprano saxophone), James Metcalfe (percussion)

Bobby Scott & Ric Marlow
09 - A Taste of Honey (7:53)
David Liebman (quena flute, tenor saxophone), James Metcalfe (percussion)

Paul English
10 - Unconditional Surrender (1990) (7:13)
David Liebman (soprano saxophone)


Nick Smithson

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