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Football Money


Artist: Kiwi Jr.
Label: Persona Non Grata Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 17 January 2020

Toronto’s Kiwi Jr. release their debut album, Football Money, via Persona Non Grata Records. A virtual explosion of power-pop, the LP was engineered by Aaron Goldstein, and mixed by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh...

Kiwi Jr. sound like a band that have been writing, recording and touring for years, so it's a surprise to discover that Football Money is their debut LP. The album consists of 10 (27 min, 27 sec) retro sounding punk rock tracks. There are elements of the Kinks and Modern Lovers interwoven throughout.

The production is impressive. Well polished performances designed to sound a little rough around the edges, with the occasional feedback give it a live performance feel.

My only real complaint is that the album is just too short. Another couple of tracks would have helped to flesh the band's sound out a little more.


Nick Smithson

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