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Forever Blue


Artist: A.A. Williams
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 03 July 2020

A.A. Williams's new LP is released via Bella Union. A rapturous blend of post-rock and post-classical, Forever Blue smoulders with uncoiling melodies and haunted atmospheres, shifting from serenity to explosive drama, often within the same song...

A.A. Williams delivers a wonderful fusion of post-rock with traces of metal on Forever Blue. Overall the album's 8 tracks (42 min, 31 sec) mainly reflect the mellow, laidback side of rock, but it also has its heavier moments. For example, 'Fearless' opens with a soft, melodic indie sound before transforming into a heavy metal number, complete with guest artist Johannes Persson (Cult of Luna) guttural, death metal vocals screamed in stark contrast to Williams's melodic voice.

Genres are fused on the majority of tracks. 'Wait', for example, opens sounding very much like a folk song before slowly morphing into a memorable rock number.

It's certainly an album that you'll want to revisit and its powerful mix and clashing of styles makes it feel fresh and original.


Nick Smithson

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