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I Am Vengeance
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Greenhaus
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 31 July 2020

Silva Screen Records releases the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to I Am Vengeance, directed by Ross Boyask. In the film starring Stu Bennett, Kevin Leslie, Gary Daniels and Anna Shaffer, John Gold is a mercenary who uncovers a conspiracy while investigating the murder of his best friend. The music score is by Greenhaus, an Electronic Rock band formed in 1999. The band consists of Steve Bellamy, Anthony Neale, Warren Farr and Ian Medany. It is available for Digital Download...

We begin with 'Second Chance', a nice slow and eerie piece with female vocals expands into moderate-paced Electronica, with drums and a ringing guitar sound holding the centre. There are nice weird noises for the outro. 'Vengeance' is a great track which owes a lot to the master of this type of film music – John Carpenter. The repeated melody becomes warmer and introduces some washing in and out sounds to it, before becoming more controlled. It reduces down to a throbbing beat and ghostly sound effects… before returning again. Very nice! 'Lost Brother' has an introspective start, which slowly introduces more elements to the number until bottle-sound Electronica – a quick backing – becomes more prominent. 'Devotion' incorporates a more chilling atmosphere. A gradual off-key fade-in produces a ticking beat with menacing surrounding elements. This is grand, wide music. A main thudding beat enters the fray at the 4-minute mark of a 12-minute track, and becomes more of a drumbeat throbbing. A fantastic background piece. The drums and deep throbbing synth sounds of 'Saving Rose' remind me instantly of Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars. That train chugging vibe.

A ticking, rumbling on 'Interrogation' opens a short dramatic, atmospheric number. Sounds of foreboding precede a strange buzzing. 'One by One' has a Christine-like opening but which then adds a heavy but moderate feel. Complicated drum patterns jump in and the synth rides over the top or rumbles underneath. 'Second Chance (Reprise)' is the opening track returned to. 'Laid to Rest' is a piece of retrospection, with slight straining sounds struggling to be heard becoming more prominent. 'Hatcher Versus Gold' has a central theme which is crashed upon by great drums and simple but effective chord changes. Bits of guitar and odd sound effects surround it. 'The Stand Off (Part 4)' has an electronic piano sound with wind-like atmospherics and a fading tapping. A deep bass synth makes its presence known before vanishing almost before it starts. 'The Barn Assault' incorporates a throbbing melody with wider sounds which come and go. It builds to a fast beat which wouldn’t be out of place in certain nightclubs.

'Fix' has a threatening low tone which turns to a fluttering  and eerie surrounding noises. This is nice but probably too long for what it is. 'Silhouette' rounds up the proceedings with a nice up-beat electronic Pop/Rock song with male vocals. Having two tracks with vocals places this release with one foot firmly in the mainstream pop category. Although this owes much to the original styles of John Carpenter (lets call it a homage), for a soundtrack this music is driving, melodic and uncommon in its direction. It’s everything you might want from a soundtrack. Of course, it helps if you like Electronica.


Ty Power

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