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Indoor Foam Boomerang


Manufacturer: Wicked Vision
RRP: £4
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Ages: 3+
5 060170 940013
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The Wicked Vision Booma is so good that London based Wicked Vision claims that it sells more to Australia each year than Australia make themselves. Its low price point means it’s affordable for anyone and can we thrown by everyone. It’s fun, exciting, safe and helps keep everyone active. The indoor Booma allows you to throw and catch like a pro in the confines of your living room, bedroom or garden. Made from special Memorang foam is won’t smash anything or hurt anyone. The Junior Booma has a flight range of 1-3 metres, but there are different ranges, depending on your garden/home size...

The kids are off school. You're off work and no one is allowed out of the house, unless it's absolutely essential, because of the current global pandemic... So how do you keep the kids entertained and stop yourself consuming a little too much alcohol just to get through each day?

Online retailers are seeing a surge in sales of board games and original toys like the Booma Indoor Foam Boomerang. It would seem that family interaction is back on the cards... and that's got to be a positive thing.

While this will help alleviate some of the tedium that comes with the lock down, don't for one moment think that this means it wouldn't be equally as fun at any other time. This indoor boomerang comes in a choice of three colours: blue, red or yellow. The company manufactures outdoor varieties, as well as one that can be used at night, thanks to having lights embedded in its structure.

This indoor variant It's manufactured from material that ensures it won't break anything or hurt you if it whacks you in the face - believe me some of the more over enthusiastic members of our household thought it would be a great idea to see if they COULD hurt one another by throwing it as hard as possible at each others faces and, in one rather stupid display of childishness, genitals... needless to say I'm happy to report not only was an ambulance not required but no medical attention was sought (unless you count the stitches earned from laughing too much).

For kids, this will act as a distraction from not being able to go out and mix with their friends. For adults, it will bring the family closer together and may stop you from putting the kids up for adoption.


Nick Smithson

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