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Manufacturer: Wicked Vision
RRP: £8
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Item Number: WKUKI
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The UKick fuses elements of badminton and street football, the aim is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can. Use your hands or feet, play alone or with friends...

Football fans will certainly get a kick out of UKick. Geddit? I bet I'm the first person to come up with that hilarious gag. If your back garden is small, or you want to practice your football skills indoors, the UKick is the ideal pocket money toy for you.

The pack comes with a base, 5 weights, 4 feathers and a logo disc. The entire thing can be taken apart so that you can change your coloured feathers or add/remove weights. The more weights you add to the base, the quicker it flies. You're best advised to start with just the one weight and keep adding them until you get the speed and movement that you want.

It's not only useful for trying out your football juggling skills, you can also use it as a giant shuttlecock when playing with very young children.

It's bright and colourful and a perfect item to keep energetic kids amused.


Nick Smithson

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