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Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Stand


Manufacturer: Venom
5 031300 049241
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Venom UK has recently released several accessories for the Nintendo Switch Lite, for reasons which will become clear I will review them together. The company produces a wide range of accessories for all current consoles as well as for the PC.

First up is the Pro gamer case. Initially, my views on the case were favourable. It comes in sturdy clear plastic, with a matt finish, which provides extra grip as well as protecting your switch. The fit on the machine is good. The cover allows access to all the ports and compartments.

On the back is a compartment that stores up to four games. Each game clicks into its secure compartment and the whole thing has a cover that hinges at the top.

This section is made of hard plastic which may get damaged over time, so I am not sure why they did not hinge the cover at the bottom. Should it accidentally open, which it did the first time I took it out of the box, there may be an issue with games dropping out.

As a new product, this does not appear to be an issue. Overall a nice product, but the storage may be a problem. The case also comes with a 9H tempered glass screen protector as well as a single wet and dry wipe and a cleaning cloth.

I have a few stands, but because of the extra protrusion of the storage area at the back, the cover only works with Venom's stand.

The charging stand is small compared to the others I own, but it does have the advantage that it is designed to work well with the case, the game case protrusion does not get in the way. The stand comes in four colours which match the switch perfectly.

It’s compact and presumably designed to be carried around, as the whole thing folds up to protect the USB. It does not come with a cable but is designed to work with your Switch charging cable. The switch sits pretty much upright and I would have preferred to have a bit more backward angle for comfort when playing. The USB is also on an angled hinge as so will adapt to a range of other cases.

Overall a couple of products worth considering, with a few caveats, like how durable is the hard plastic of the game compartment and if you do consider buying the case you’re locked into buying the compact stand and given its relatively small size may not be suitable for a permanent arrangement at home.


Charles Packer

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