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Audio Drama Review


2000 AD

Volumes 1-3


Starring: Nina Sosanya, David Warner, Indira Varma and Richard Armitage

Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio

ISBN: 978 1 78618 454 2

Release Date: 04 March 2021

Nina Sosanya stars as Bridget 'Bridge' Kurtis who works in law enforcement for a near future Earth. Environmental degradation has made mankind's home planet uninhabitable and what is left of humanity is spread over several huge, overcrowded, under-resourced space stations known as 'Habitats'. The police have to work hard to stop these pressure-cooker environments from descending into complete chaos. Their task is made harder by the rise of a new religious sect who believe that humanity is not alone in the cold depths of space, and who hear the whispered promises of a cosmic horror they call the Leper Heart...

Brink first appeared in 2000 AD prog 1978 (April 2016), with the third chapter (which was left open for more stories) concluding in prog 2118 (February 2019). This is the only one of the first batch of Penguin Random House Audio releases that I was unfamiliar with - mainly as I stopped reading 2000 AD many years ago (although I have very recently restarted thanks to their availability digitally). So I was surprised that the story felt very familiar. In fact I'm left wondering whether or not it was inspired or is fleshed out version of a Judge Dredd tale.

As with all the audio productions in this series, the producers use the original comic strip dialogue, so if you own those you can follow along with the audio recording to see the universe as the illustrator originally envisioned it.

The acting is spot on and I was particularly impressed with David Warner - who, as ever, plays the villain of the piece as only Warner can. When you strip it back to its bare bones, it's incredibly surprising how shallow the actual plot is, but the creators have done a wonderful job of getting you to invest and care for the main players.

While hardly an original plot, this is an engaging and beautifully produced audio drama.


Darren Rea

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