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Xbox One Game Review

The Skylia Prophecy


Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Totalconsole
Developer: 7 Raven Studios
RRP: £5.79
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Age Restrictions: 7+
Release Date: 23 April 2021

Mirenia is an 18 year old girl on a quest for redemption. After unleashing an evil power when she was a teenager, she is now on her way to Tirkin Fortress to perform an ancient spell that should help her vanquish the very evil she unleashed three years ago. Now, nearing the end of her quest, she arrives in the villages just outside the fortress, where monsters ravage, young women are being raped and men are being slaughtered. Armed with her trusted Shield Blade, Mirenia is so close to undoing the mistakes of her past. Will she succeed or ultimately only make matters worse..?


Journey throughout the lands exploring ancient dungeons

The Skylia Prophecy is a retro side scrolling action RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. As Mirenia, you journey throughout the lands and towns, exploring ancient dungeons and battle hordes of the undead in this adventure inspired by the unrelentlessly punishing philosophy of the infamously challenging Souls games.

The retro look is the game's charm - bringing to mind a bygone era. So, seasoned gamers of my generation will totally be swamped with nostalgia. The controls are not difficult to master, nor are the challenges, on the whole. However, the punishing enemies are... er... you could say frustrating to the point of annoying.


Wage war through the army of beasties

Save points are few and far between, so if you die you'll have to wage war once again through the army of beasties you've already dispatched.

With a retail price of under £6 you'd be a little hard pressed to find too much to complain about. The story is entertaining and the side quests provide a little extra challenge. Old skool gamers will find much to enjoy in this little slice of retro action.


Nick Smithson

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