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Xbox One Game Review

Leisure Suit Larry
Wet Dreams Dry Twice


Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
Developer: CrazyBunch
RRP: £37.49
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Age Restrictions: 16+
Release Date: 18 May 2021

Hey Ladies, it’s time to get wet again. Larry Laffer is not done yet. Stranded in Cancum, and had prepared to marry his only true love, Faith. But, unforeseen events interrupted them and they’ve become separated again Faith is somewhere in the famous, sunny and huge Kalau’a archipelago and Larry has to find her...

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Everywhere you look there are penis jokes

WARNING! This review comes complete with double entendre and innuendo. If you're of a sensitive disposition then look away now - and certainly don't even think about buying this game: you'll have a fit.

Wet Dreams Dry Twice is the latest chapter in the Leisure Suit Larry saga, an adult-themed video game series which has roots going back to 1987. In all honesty how the puerile sense of humour has managed to survive at least 11 games is anyone's guess. I suppose it's filling a hole in the market.

In this point and click adventure you play as Larry as you try to track down the love of your life. First, however, you have to escape the island you're stranded on as well as get out of the arranged marriage with a woman you've never met. Once you fathom how to leave that place you quickly become stranded on another island...

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For some reason women find Larry irresistible

For some reason women find Larry irresistible and the first thing they want to do when they meet him is jump his bones. He's a guy out of time, having been thrust into the 21st century from the 1980s. As such, he's very much a product of his time and in no way PC in any recognisable form.

Everywhere you look there are penis jokes. These are either trees or submarines designed to barely hide their phallic symbolism... or just giant cocks drawn on walls. To be honest it gets a little old a little too quickly. The puzzles are a little bizarre. To build the boat to escape the first island you really have to use your imagination. Even now I can't quite fathom how one of the items fitted where it did... but I'd scoured the entire environment so I knew I had everything I could possibly collect.

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Play as Larry as you try to track down the love of your life

The environments are well designed as are the animations. And, unusually for a point and click game, the vocal acting is not only very good, but the voice artists deliver all of the dialogue. There's a tendency in these games to have the voice actor deliver the most important pieces with the rest being text only.

The RRP of almost £40, I thought, was a little steep. If you must buy this, I'd advise you to wait until it's on sale for under £20. The unPC content and general bizarre logic of some of the puzzles might make this a game that some just can't stomach. However, if you're a Larry fan this delivers the payload you'll be expecting - Am I right ladies?


Darren Rea

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