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Xbox One Game Review

A Gummy's Life


Format: Xbox One
Publisher: EP Games
Developer: EP Games
RRP: £16.24
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Age Restrictions 7+
Release Date: 24 September 2021

A Gummy’s Life is a local and online party multiplayer with candy-coated physics-based fights. Choose your favourite gummy, customize it to your taste and show who rules over the sugar. Play with friends, family and/or AIs in multiple manic game modes or while battling online - as easy as taking candy from a baby...


Take your time to clock your opponents

Indie game studio EP Games's candy themed multiplayer party game A Gummy’s Life allows you to play against three other players (or AI) as you play through a mass of crazy levels.

The basics are simple. Whack and head butt the other players into submission and be the last piece of gummy standing. You can punch with the left and right hand, head butt, jump, grab and lift. When one of your competitors is down, quickly pick them up and throw them out of the arena. The last person alive wins that level.

While the basic game play is rather dull, it comes to life with the numerous crazy levels. Here you need to know how to use the environment to your advantage. Some you'll probably instantly die on, but the next time that level appears you'll know how to avoid the traps.


Chew! Chew! All aboard the Sugerland Express

Some levels you'll need to quickly climb to the top, others you'll need to throw your opponents off the edges of the battle arena. On one level you're on top of a moving train, where you'll not only have to make sure you don't accidentally fall off / are pushed off, but that you are standing in the right place when you pass through tunnels. There's a building level that sees your battle arena get smaller and smaller as the building continues to be built ever higher... The creativity goes on and on. Some levels have interactive traps, where you can trigger trap doors or other nasty surprises for your opponents. Others have vehicles you can use in the environment.

And that's it really. There's no rocket science behind it, just hours and hours of laugh out loud mayhem. If you're playing with friends it's a lot of fun. You can also play against other players via cross platform play, or on your own against AI.


For Truck's sake, watch out. Its car-nage out there

There are unlockable cosmetics, if that's something you're into, so that you can customise your character so that it stands out from the crowd.

I did have a little issue with the controls to begin with, as picking up downed players was a little hit and miss. But you'll eventually get used to it. You can also enter a tutorial mode that allows you to practice your moves and tactics.

I'm not usually a huge fan of these style of party games, but I did find A Gummy's Life to be a heck of a lot of fun.


Nick Smithson

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