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Pacific Rim
The Black
Music from the Netflix Original Anime Series


Composer: Brandon Campbell
Label: Milan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 March 2021

Milan Records and Sony Music Masterworks release the soundtrack from the anime series Pacific Rim: The Black by composer Brandon Campbell. Continuing the tale of epic battles between monsters and robots in an exciting new style, Pacific Rim: The Black is produced by Legendary Television...

Brandon Campbell delivers 21 tracks (45 min, 02 sec) of music from Pacific Rim: The Black, the new Netflix anime series from Legendary Television. As you'd expect, given the nature of the show, it's mainly full of pumping action themes, but there are also plenty of quiet moments of reflection and beauty, as can be heard in tracks like 'They Always Come Back'.

Discussing the project, Campbell says: "Our showrunner, Greg Johnson, wanted a score that encompassed bits of DNA from the original Pacific Rim film while still being unique enough to support the struggles and triumphs of Taylor and Hailey. We created a hybrid orchestral score with the heavy themes and melodic material that will hopefully resonate with Pacific Rim fans, while including more intimate and emotional musical moments that accompany our characters as they make their way across The Black. I hope my music brings you back into the world of the awesome power of the Kaiju and Jaeger, but also into the hearts of Taylor and Hailey.”

Animated movies and shows almost always deliver strong and memorable scores and this project is no exception. Campbell's compositions are epic and sweeping when they need to be and slow and melancholic at other times. The end result is a wonderfully diverse and rich score that never disappoints.

There's no filler background cues here, just good, solid themes that sound fresh and original.


Darren Rea

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