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Piece of My Heart
Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: Pessi Levanto
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 April 2021

MovieScore Media releases composer Pessi Levanto's score for A Piece of My Heart, the new Finnish mystery drama series directed by Hanna Maylett. The series is a about child care workers and the impact that their work has on their lives. After returning to work from her suspension, social worker Rita gets paired up with a new partner - young and inexperienced Laura. As the border between work and private life gets obscured, things get complicated in the dark side of society… The darkly romantic music explores these themes with a powerful, strings-heavy score covering everything between dreams and nightmares...

There's a lot of heart and soul poured into Pessi Levanto's score for A Piece of My Heart. And while there is a fair amount of background filler material, tracks like 'If Akseli Was Still Alive' make up for the shortfall of engaging themes on other segments. When the melancholic mystery themes are delivered, Levanto really knows how to get under the listener's skin. I have to admit that I really loved the theme which opens and closes the album.

Talking about the project, Levanto said: "Piece of My Heart is a drama series about people working in child care. It’s style-wise a mystery drama - there are unsolved subconscious issues recurring in the big story arch over the season. As many of the issues the child care workers deal with are quite serious to begin with, such as taking children into custody, I had to steer away from being melodramatic in order to remain tasteful. So the score mainly plays with the mysterious, subconscious elements and nature forces. We made a playable custom sample instrument out of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra for this purpose and this aleatoric texture-generator can be heard throughout the score."

As an aside, 'Jasmin' reminded me of Jason Graves's touching music for the Playstation VR game Moss.

It's an interesting a subtle soundtrack which is certainly worth buying if you're a fan of the TV series.


Darren Rea

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