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Emily and the Magical Journey
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Joe Kraemer
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 30 April 2021

MovieScore Media’s latest release takes you to a fantasy kingdom with an enchanting score courtesy of Joe Kraemer. Directed by Marcus Ovnell, Emily and the Magical Journey tells the story of Emily who lives alone with her mother after losing her father. She wants to help her mum find happiness and to learn about her father she never knew. When Emily finds a mysterious chest that transports her to a magical world, she meets fantastic and mythical creatures. After discovering her new friends are in danger, Emily must face her worst fear to complete her journey...

Fantasy movies of this sort almost always deliver epic, sweeping scores and Joe Kraemer's music for Emily and the Magical Journey is no exception. Over the course of these 25 tracks (1 hr, 04 min, 41 sec) Kraemer is able to showcase his talent for delivering memorable themes and creating the atmosphere and backdrop for a fictional world.

This is a score that can be, and should be, listened to from start to finish. There's no atmospheric background music cues here, just wall to wall action, adventure and sweet themes.

Along the way Kraemer tips his hat to composers including John Williams on tracks like 'Under the Covers' (which has a feel of Harry Potter about it); 'Belarock to the Rescue' (which features a similar segment to the scene where Obi-wan attempts to get the tractor beam offline in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope); and In the Chamber of Ice (which includes segments that sound similar to themes in Star Wars: A New Hope - most notably the battle of Yavin at the end of the film.

'Emily Sleeps' is a sweet theme that you could argue is the heart of the soundtrack. And "heart" is something this score has in abundance. Overall this is a good old fashioned fantasy score that doesn't disappoint.


Darren Rea

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