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Van Helsing
Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: Rich Walters
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 May 2021

MovieScore Media releases music from all five seasons of the Syfy original fantasy horror series Van Helsing, by Rich Walters. In the programme, Vanessa Helsing – the distant relative of vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing – uses her unique ability to turn vampires into humans to fight the Elders in an apocalyptic wasteland. Walters has composed music for both film and TV, which includes Continuum, Elysium, Alice, Ring of Fire, and Olympus. The score is available for download...

Track List: 'Renfield House'; 'Hellish Beast'; 'Birth Mother'; 'Daywalkers'; 'The Hunt'; 'Geong-Si'; 'I Am Sam'; 'Fighting the Elder'; 'Parting Ways'; 'Vanessa in the Forest'; 'Summoning the Dark One'; 'Jack Is Alive'; 'You Look Like a Rhonda'; 'Storming the Castle'; 'Olivia'; 'Ritual'; 'Honouring the Vow'; 'Julius Kills Scab'; 'Doc and Jolene'; 'Possessed by the Vanator'; 'Sgt. Alex Miller'; 'Carpe Noctis'; 'President Davis'; 'Opening a Portal'; and 'You Are the Light'.

With 65 episodes of music to play with, Rich Walters has managed to create a rounded collection of 25 tracks ranging in length from 1:59 to 4:40, and a balance of quiet, sad and emotional loss pieces and those more rousing which depict action, battle sequences, and the appearances of otherworldly creatures. The first half of the opening track is a very inventive music soundscape of Electronica, whereas the second half takes on more of a sinister feel. I like the way that this soundtrack is based in Electronica but is often presented in a very orchestral manner. In the case of 'Hellish Beast', it takes on the aspect of a religious horror complete with chanting.

The slow and quiet pieces are ironically sometimes more inventive and original. 'Birth Mother', 'Parting Ways', 'Doc and Jolene', and 'You Are the Light' all have their own uniqueness. There is percussion and string samples including cello. Aside from the aforementioned 'Hellish Beast', 'Fighting the Elder', 'Summoning the Dark One', and 'Ritual', all other up-tempo tracks are much more befitting of action movies than horror. It’s a solid composition with no real stand-out pieces. I really wish 'You Are the Light' had been progressed, as it spends most of its length building-up to a more exciting crescendo before petering-out. If I have one criticism, it’s that the call-to-arms-type drumming and clattering is over-utilised.


Ty Power

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