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Yolk Man
Original Soundtrack from the Series


Composer: PMP
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 July 2021

MovieScore Media release the alien superhero television score, Yolk Man, by PMP, a composer ensemble founded and headed by Pantawit Kiangsiri. Directed by Channing Huang, the12-part iQiyi series tells the story of a loser college student whose worst day takes an interesting turn when he meets up with an alien life form that looks like an egg yolk. This creature not only cures our hero from his deadly illness, it also gives him super human abilities...

The soundtrack to Yolk Man is an electronic score which is mainly comprised of chase and horror-esque themes. However, it does slow down from time to time and tracks like 'In the Rain' are welcome surprises. There's also jazz influences on tracks like 'The Note'. It is intriguing and interesting from a technical point of view, and the music works really well to add atmosphere to the bizarre onscreen action.

"To tell our story of a weak young man transform into a strong heroic figure saving the world from alien invasion, director Channing Huang and I carefully planned our score progression from one story arc to another," explains lead composer Pantawit Kiangsiri.

"What unifies the score is a four note main theme heard in the main title. This theme sets up the show’s alienness tone and at the same time represent our protagonist Jim and Yolk. PMP took this four note theme and transformed it to fit different situations and emotions that Yolk Man has to face as the story progress. The first third of the score focuses on the lighter sci-fi, fresh young feel and comedic tone to show Jim’s ordinary live in the university, his love interest and a first meeting with Yolk. The next arc tells the story of our protagonist being hunted by the brutal aliens thus the music tone shift toward suspense and horror. The last part of the series deals with a climatic fight between good and evil. The score then turns to heroic action oriented and conclude with touching cues accompany an emotional end to the story."

For fans of the series this will make an interesting addition to your music library.


Darren Rea

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