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The Suicide Squad
Score from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: John Murphy
Label: WaterTower Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 August 2021

WaterTower Music releases the Original Motion Picture soundtrack to The Suicide Squad, by John Murphy. In the film, directed by James Gunn, a collection of the most degenerate delinquent super villains are called upon to save the day, but have they got their own agendas? Liverpool born composer John Murphy has been writing scores since the age of 25. His movie projects include Sunshine, Kick-Ass, and 28 Days Later. He has also contributed to film trailers and advertising campaigns. This was the perfect opportunity for him to return to his punk band roots, writing riffs on his guitar plugged into a Vox AC15. The purpose was to make it down and dirty, whilst still incorporating orchestral and heroic moments. The release is available for download...

Track List: 'So This is the Famous Suicide Squad', 'Approaching the Beach', 'Mayhem on the Beach', 'Waller’s Deal – Meet the Teem', 'Harley Gets the Javelin', 'Approaching the Guerrilla Camp', 'Project Starfish', 'Red Flag', 'Interdimensional Virus', 'Ratcatcher’s Story', 'Harley Sings', 'Breaking into Jotunheim', 'Dirty Little Secrets', 'Peacemaker… What a Joke', 'King Shark and the Clyrax (featuring Jessica Rotter)', 'Bombs Go Off!', 'Suicide Squad vs. Starro the Conquerer', 'The Star-Crossed Wake-Up', 'Panic on the Streets', 'The Squad Turn Back', 'The Squad Fight Back', 'Ratism, and Bloodsport’s Deal'.

In truth, 23 tracks is too many – even for a soundtrack – as it means that the vast majority are going to be a minute or two at best. But I was looking forward to hearing this after seeing the press release and in particular noting the Punk-Style elements. 'Star-Crossed Wake-Up', 'The Squad Turn Back' (which has a great superhero-like dramatic theme), 'The Squad Fight Back', and 'Ratism' make a nice quartet of tracks which are all pacey but very different in format. The last two of these are probably the best tracks on the collection. The Punk elements have plenty of energy and melody, despite being basic and moderate in pace befitting a soundtrack which knows that too much will intrude upon the film itself.

Other stand-out tracks include 'So This is the Famous Suicide Squad', 'Mayhem on the Beach', 'Breaking into Jotunheim', and the end of 'Approaching the Camp'. However, it’s not all action music scenes. The composer knows when to use light and shade. There are incidental moments to relay atmosphere and emotion, there are Electronica and thematic pieces such as a military march and fight sequences, there are interlinking lighter touches, acoustic numbers, and orchestral flourishes with work alone and with the restrained Punk Rock instrumentals. A very nicely structured soundtrack, some of which I can see myself returning to.


Ty Power

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