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Star Wars
The Black Series
Boba Fett Electronic Helmet


Manufacturer: Hasbro / Disney
RRP: £119.99
Ages: 14+
Item Number: E7543
5 010993 638895
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Commemorate Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with The Black Series Boba Fett Electronic Helmet. This roleplay item with premium deco, realistic detail, and movie-inspired design is a great addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection. Featuring a flip-down viewfinder with flashing LED lights and an illuminated rangefinder HUD, fans can imagine what it was like for the famous bounty hunter to suit up for galactic action...

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The interior of the helmet is incredibly well detailed

Hasbro's Black Series Star Wars helmets are as close as you can get to owning a faithful reproduction movie prop without breaking the bank. The materials are strong enough to ensure that both cosplayers and those who just want a cool looking display piece will find this a great addition to their collection.

There's been a little liberty taken here when compared to screen accurate props. Firstly The Black Series is symmetrical in shape rather than the slightly rougher more expensive screen accurate replicas (like the £600 EFX 1:1 Replica Helmet which wobbles if it's placed on a flat surface). The Black Series release also has a very slightly wider visor. This is a practical thing and means you have a little better vision when wearing it. But I challenge you to tell the difference, just by looking at them, between the EFX helmet and this one.

I wouldn't get too excited about the "electronic" elements of this helmet. It's fairy basic, however the range finder looks quite impressive, with a light up viewfinder and a red flashing light - but it's not exactly groundbreaking technology. You can either wear it up like an antenna, or with the press of a button the viewfinder drops down, activating two red LEDs that flash in a “hunting” pattern as well as a white LED-illuminated rangefinder HUD.

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The helmet is based on designs from The Empire Strikes Back

Working out how to remove the flip down view finder, or replacing the batteries, is not an easy process. I ended up having to go online and watch a few unboxing videos and even then I was really worried about breaking it.

The paint job on this is phenomenal. All the little scratches and dents are there, along with a badly scuffed paint job, exactly as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. It's not just the paint job that's impressive though. Run your hand over the helmet and you'll feel each scratch and imperfection.

It truly looks like an old battered, well worn, battle helmet and its weight and general appearance will impress just about everyone.

The inside of the helmet could just have been plain, but there's some really nice detailing going on that helps to sell this as an authentic display prop. It should fit all head shapes, although if you have a particularly large head your chin may be on display. You can always buy some cheap padding to help ensure a snug fit, should you feel the need.

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The range finder incorporates a light up viewfinder

Hasbro's Black Series Helmets have a good reputation of getting just about everything right (if you ignore the rather patchy speakers on the Stormtrooper helmets). From the look and feel of the design, to the price point and extra electronic gadgetry there really is nothing more exciting for a fan of the series than being able to hold one of these in their hands. I defy anyone not to instantly want to put this on and strut around like a bad ass bounty hunter.

This is probably the one helmet I was most excited to see being released and I'm also hoping that in the future Hasbro will bring us helmets that were worn by Scout Troopers (Biker Scouts), Tie Fighter pilots, AT-AT driver and Bounty Hunter Boushh's helmet (which Princess Leia wore at the start of Return of the Jedi).

For the money the Boba Fett Electronic Helmet is an incredibly detailed replica that is affordable enough to ensure that you can save up for it in a relatively short period of time.

For those of us who longed, but never managed to acquire the Don Post helmets of a bygone era, the wait for this much more impressive piece was well worth the wait.


Darren Rea

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