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Blu-ray Review

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The Twin (2022)


Starring: Teresa Palmer, Steven Cree, Barbara Marten and Tristan Ruggeri
Distributor: Acorn Media International
RRP: £19.99

5 036193 020605

Certificate: 15
Release Date: 03 October 2022

A couple have recently buried their young son Nathan, but the bad memories of his death in a car crash remain to the point they need to make a clean break. So, Rachel and Anthony move to Finland with Elliot, their dead son’s twin. Although this is where Anthony grew up, the Pagan community is like another world. After Elliot makes a secret wish in a circle of power, it’s not just the language which isolates Rachel; almost immediately, Elliot’s character changes. He begins acting strangely, and seems to be possessed by the departed Nathan, who resents being left behind in the ground. The Pagan villagers appear to have their own motive, too – to the point where her only ally is an eccentric old woman from Great Britain (of course). Is there a conspiracy among the townsfolk, or is the solution to Rachel’s nightmare much less complex...

I have reviewed a number of Shudder Original horror films, and always find them welcome and fascinating. Most are very good, and those that aren’t invariably become talking points in terms of plot and influences. The entire time I spent watching The Twin I had the most curious sense of déjà vu. Everything seemed so familiar I was convinced I’d seen the film before. I’m still convinced… Either that, or I’ve seen something so similar they have blended into one movie in my mind.  I have no doubt that for anyone who has lost a twin it is a hugely harrowing experience, but for the sake of fictional content this is a scenario which has been played-out so many times it is almost commonplace. I had the distinct impression this film utilised two well-used horror scenarios and forced them together. Sometimes, the setting of a different culture in horror can prove eerie, as it is very different to our own, but in this case – apart from a bit of snow – Finland in the film could have been anywhere, as most of the villagers didn’t speak and those that did spoke perfect English. So, setting this in another country doesn’t have the same cultural shock as, for instance, The Ring or Let the Right One In.

This Acorn Media International Blu-ray release comes with a Making of… featurette. I would have hoped for more extras than this. Finnish director Taneli Mustonen also made Lake Bodom, based on the notorious killings which is said to have inspired Friday the 13th and also the excellent Metal band Children of Bodom.


Ty Power

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