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Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S Game Review



You Suck at Parking


Format: Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
Publisher: Happy Volcano
Developer: Happy Volcano
RRP: £16.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 14 September 2022

Prepare to take part in the world's most extreme parking experience in You Suck at Parking, the only game where your driving skills aren’t as important as your parallel parking skills. Race against the clock to yank your handbrake in over 100 wild levels with ever-increasing difficulty. Going furiously fast to the designated parking spot will not only ensure you remain extremely cool, calm, and collected; but unlock cool new customization options to pimp your ride with. Climb the global leaderboards and prove to your friends that you truly do have the power to stop. Maybe not the world, but a car, at least. Stuck in the rat race and want to see who would come out on top between you and your friends? Give them the hard shoulder in the multiplayer mode and battle to pull into podium position...


The idea is simple and the execution is satisfyingly frustrating

I enjoyed You Suck at Parking probably a little more than a should have. In fact I spent many more hours on it than I intended... and if I'm being honest, I still am. This is one of those games where: "Just one more try" never means what it should do... as you lose even more hours of your life to trying to complete a level.

The idea is simple and the execution is satisfyingly frustrating. You have to drive your car around a set course and park in one of the designated parking bays. Once you've managed one you have to attempt to park in the remaining bays. Sounds so easy... but there are many obstacles to thwart you... Oh, and you can't reverse... and you have a limited amount of fuel for each try... and you have a time limit in which to get all of your cars parked.

You start of on island one with a handful of areas, each of which has several levels. The very first area is pretty easy to master, but as you work your way through the island things start to get a little tricky, with new obstacles getting in your way, hard to reach parking bays and an almost impossibly low tank of fuel.


Upgrade your car, change the paint scheme and add cosmetic objects

Once you've completed a level you can see how you measure up against both your friends and the global scoreboards. It's always fun to go back to some of the earlier levels, once you've upgraded your car, and try your luck again as you attempt to climb up the leaderboards.

As you progress through the levels you can upgrade your car, change the paint scheme and add bizarre cosmetic objects to it... or you can plow on through the levels and ignore all that nonsense as you focus on becoming a better driver (and parker). Once you've completed a level you can try again and go for gold: park in each bay without losing a car and you'll complete a level smug in the knowledge you achieved a perfect round.

It's a fun, frantic game of skill that you'll enjoy playing by yourself, or as a party game with a few friends round.


Nick Smithson

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