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A Foul Form


Artist: Osees
Label: Castle Face Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 12 August 2022

Castle Face Records releases A Foul Form, the new album from Psychedelic Experimental Garage Rock band OSEES. It follows Metamorphosed, Panther Rotate and Protean Threat, and is described as a 22-minute burst of Punkazoidal. The final track is a cover of Rudimentary Peni’s Sacrifice. The group’s sound from release to release is said to perpetually pivot, but are a homage to the bands they grew up listening to. OSEES explain that they are sweeping out in the darkness looking for a foothold. It represents some of our most primal instincts and the importance of a sense of humour in the darkest hour. The band has toured extensively across parts of the US recently. The album is available for downloading and streaming...

Track list: 'Funeral Solution'; 'Frock Block'; 'Too Late For Suicide'; 'A Foul Form'; 'A Burden Snared'; 'Scum Show'; 'F**king Kill Me'; 'Perm Act'; 'Social Butt'; and 'Sacrifice'.

Lots of fuzz and overdrive from the outset, a simple structure and railing-at-the-world vocals embed us immediately in a 1970s original warts ‘n’ all Punk Rock setting. As you can probably guess, it involves a very limited vocabulary, with profanities freely utilised as a substitute for... well, anything really. 'Too Late For Suicide' is more of a quick marching pace with a modicum of Electronica added, but the guitar piece becomes somewhat tedious even in a relatively short piece. 'A Foul Form' is short and shriek, but probably the best track so far. 'Scum Show' has just enough melody to make it work too.

I realise this his been made to sound amateur and raw, but my Punk tastes surround bands like the more refined but no less dynamic The Damned. Most of the songs on this album are over almost before they’ve started. That’s okay for Punk Rock, but this is pretty basic stuff. If you’re into raw, garage band stuff, give this one a go.


Ty Power

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