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Soundtrack Review

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This is Joan Collins
Documentary Soundtrack


Composer: Lindsay Wright
Label: Silva Screen Records
Release Date: 19 August 2022

Silva Screen Records release the soundtrack to This is Joan Collins. Framing and adding sizzle to the self-narrated story of Joan Collin’s life, composer Lindsay Wright taps into the jazzy '60s cocktail sounds to create an era defining soundtrack...

More an EP than a full blown score, Lindsay Wright's compositions for This is Joan Collins consist of 12 tracks (18 min, 48 sec). I think it's fair to say that this soundtrack will have listeners fall into two camps: That that totally love it, and those who are unimpressed.

It's a lovingly crafted retro jazz score that certainly does a great job of conjuring up a time period in history, but whether or not it's one you'll want to dig out and relisten to very often is debatable.

While I did, on balance, appreciate its merits as the backdrop to the Joan Collins story, it's not a score I'd be keen to revisit in the future.


Darren Rea