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Magic: The Gathering
The Official Cookbook


Authors: Victoria Rosenthal and Jenna Helland
Publisher: Titan Books
231 pages
RRP: £26.99
ISBN: 978 1 80336 719 4
Publication Date: 28 November 2023

Planeswalkers! Feast your way through Magic: The Gathering with this first-ever official cookbook inspired by the beloved game. Featuring more than 70 recipes inspired by Magic: The Gathering, this cookbook takes readers on a journey through the beloved game with easy-to-follow recipes. With beautiful full-colour photography as well as art from the game, Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook is a must-have for foodies and fans alike...

There's always that relative/friend who is impossible to buy gifts for, and novelty publications like the Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook are a godsend when it comes to such individuals. But I suspect that the majority of buyers will be picking this up for themselves.

If you're a parent with a Magic obsessed offspring or relative, this is the perfect book to help you prepare fun and quirky dishes for any family gatherings or parties you have coming up.

The book is divided into locations from the franchise and within each of those sections are a healthy mix of dishes and drinks. To be perfectly honest you don't even need to be a Magic fan, as the majority of these recipes would work just as well for any sci-fi themed party including Star Wars or Star Trek. Each recipe comes with easy to follow instructions as well as photography of the finished product.

There's a good mix of light bites, deserts, main dishes and beverages and a healthy balance of simple to prepare recipes, as well as dishes that require a little more prep. There's also a handy list of all ingredients, metric conversions and dietary restrictions.

It's a beautifully presented book which foodies will get a lot out of.


Nick Smithson

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