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Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S Game Review



Children of Silentown


Format: Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
Publisher: Elf Games
Developer: Elf Games / Luna2 Studio
RRP: £17.99
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Age Restrictions: 7+
Release Date: 11 January 2023

Lucy is afraid of the forest, just like any other child: every night, the echoing roars rob her of her sleep. Not even her dreams are a safe place where she could play. People disappearing is nothing uncommon in the village, but this time, Lucy is old enough to investigate on her own. Or so she thinks. Children of Silentown is a point & click adventure game telling a mysterious and endearing story. Explore the town and its dangerous surroundings, meet its quirky inhabitants, solve puzzles and master minigames. Accompany Lucy on her adventure to get to the bottom of what is haunting the strange Silentown... if you dare...


Help Lucy to uncover the town's dark mystery

Lovers of point and click adventures will find much to enjoy in Children of Silentown. It's a beautiful looking game with hand drawn aesthetics. The story is sweet, mysterious and a little creepy, but it keeps the intrigue up throughout.

The narrative is engaging enough to keep you playing, drawing you back to discover the next part of the mystery. I also enjoyed the ability to collect musical notes to build songs.

The heart of a good point and click game comes down to whether or not the puzzles are balanced... and they are here. There's a good mix in style and difficulty to ensure that they are taxing enough without being frustratingly difficult.


Lovers of point and click adventures will enjoy Children of Silentown.

If you're a seasoned gamer of the genre then you'll probably find it a little too short - you can easily complete it in seven hours. It's a slight shame that the developers didn't pack a little more content in to string out the intrigue and mystery. And some may find the conclusion a little on the disappointing side. While you can replay the game to get one of four different endings, none that we've seen really tie everything up in a satisfactory way.


Nick Smithson

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