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PS4 / PS5 Game Review



Garden Simulator


Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Developer: Produktivkeller Studios
RRP: £19.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 10 May 2023

Fresh vegetables, healthy fruits and beautiful flowers - now you have the chance to take care of your own allotment and harvest the crops. Cultivate your own virtual garden, take care of the plants, then harvest and sell them. With Garden Simulator you’ll get your own patch of land, place decorational elements, and nurture the plants, before you harvest them. The richer your yield, the more you can sell and the more money you can spend to enhance your piece of paradise. With countless unlockable features and additional content, your green thumb will be challenged to the max...


Spruce up your dilapidated house

As a keen gardener I wasn't sure what I'd make of Garden Simulator. I mean, why sit in the dark when you can be outside in the sun gardening for real? I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this game doesn't hold your hand at all. In fact in the early stages you'll be wandering around wondering what you're supposed to do... But, as long as you have the smallest amount of common sense, it all feels natural and easy to pick up the game's mechanics as you progress.

You're tasked with sprucing up the dilapidated house left to you by a recently deceased relative. The first thing you'll need to do is clear the rubbish in your garden and on the house (growing ivy and boarded up windows). Simply grab the item and take it over the large recycling bin. For each piece of junk you dispose of you'll be rewarded with money and XP.

As you progress you'll unlock quests and new items in the online shop. In the very early stages you can dig individual plots of land. Plant, water and harvest crops. Mow the lawn. Buy garden ornaments and unlock additional areas of the garden. The further through the game you get, the more items you'll unlock. And, if you need to unlock an item to complete a quest, simply click on that item on the online shop and it will let you know what you need to complete in order to gain access to it.


Unlock quests and new items in the online shop

When you've completed everything you can that day, it's time to head inside and rest. The game then moves forward to early morning the next day and you can carry on with your chores.

While it starts off with you tending a very small amount of beds as you plant/water/harvest crops, the game soon opens up and you'll be purchasing hedges, fences and lots of decorations to help make your garden a local show piece.

The hours will quickly fly by as you are drawn into this rather addictive game. In fact, I was scolded by my better half on several occasions as I had told her I was just going to try the game for a short while, before going outside to tend to the greenhouse... That short while ended up being several hours.


Darren Rea

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