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PS4 Game Review

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Zool Redimensioned


Format: PS4
Publisher: Secret Mode
Developer: Sumo Digital Academy
RRP: £6.49
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 16 May 2023

Help Zool jump, spin and shoot his way across eight alien worlds, taking down menacing bosses and saving the universe from the nefarious influence of Krool. Beat your speed run times, discover secrets hidden across every level, and then ramp up the difficulty with the “Ultimate Ninja” mode. The game includes three, completely new local multiplayer party modes. Don your favourite Zool mask and compete with up to 3 friends by grabbing the most clutter in 'Zool's Gold', holding onto Krool’s crown in, 'Rool of Zool', and booting balls into the back of the Nth dimension in 'Ball Brawl'...

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Zool recaptures the old skool atmosphere of classic platform games

There seems to be an endless stream of games designed to recapture the old skool atmosphere of classic platform games. For the most part they're pretty hit and miss. But when I started playing Zool Redimensioned, I was instantly nostalgic for my youth. It's no surprise, therefore, to discover that Zool was originally released by Gremlin Graphics in 1992 on the Amiga to critical acclaim. This brand-new reimagining of the classic action platforming adventure has been rebuilt from the ground up by apprentices from the Sumo Digital Academy.

It features Over 28 retro platforming challenges, all enhanced for the best possible experience. It's easy to pick up and play and you can either charge through the levels, or slowly pick up every collectable.

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Discover new secrets, challenges and extras

Choose between two main game modes: 'Redimensioned' for a more accessible modern experience, or 'Ultimate Ninja' to experience a true hardcore challenge.

Trade blows with the dimension's most dangerous creatures in seven completely redesigned boss fights. Discover new secrets, challenges and extras across your adventure, with over 25 achievements to unlock. Enhanced quality-of-life options, including a level select screen, checkpoints, accessibility options and more. Play the original Mega Drive version for a truly authentic retro adventure.

It's cheap, it's cheerful and certainly a wonderful slice of retro fun.


Nick Smithson

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