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PS4 / PS5 Game Review

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From Space


Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: Curve Games
Developer: Triangle Studios
RRP: £11.99
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Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 12 October 2023

In 1986 a massive crystal hits the Earth; it is a prelude to invasion, and you are humanities last hope...

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From Space is an open world twin-stick shooter

From Space is an open world twin-stick shooter, whose main premise is that the world has been totally taken over by aliens and you must be the one to push back.

It is not necessary for you to do this completely alone, there is an online co-op option, but the problem with this is that there appears to be no public servers. When I tried it seemed to just list people I already knew. This is playable as a single person game and the game even provides you with NPC’s which you can use to boost your offensive capabilities, but to be honest they are of limited use.

There is a nice selection of options to change the look, feel and soundscape of the game. The overall visuals are nice and bright in a cartoony way and the soundscape fits the game perfectly. No complaints about either of these aspects of the game.

Gameplay is generic for an RPG. You have the choice of character at the beginning, the world has a lot of loot laying around and there is a leveling up system, which opens more perks for your character.

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Each character sports a different specialist weapon

You start with the option of six different characters all with differing attributes, like a specialist weapon, differing stamina, health and shield. Each character class is given a little back story as well. One of the nice features is that you are not restricted to just one specialist.

Within the game as well as the expected loot boxes for health, weapons and ammo there are also stations where you can swap out your specialist. There are also stations where the game can be saved, though these often seen few and far between. If you treat the game as having no strategy, then you’re going to find yourself getting killed and starting all over again from the last save point, which may be some considerable time behind you.

The gameworld is pleasantly large and each of your objectives, escort or destroy is clearly marked, though there is a limited number of different fetch quests, so this can become a little repetitive. That said this could be said of most RPG’s.

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The gameworld is pleasantly large

The thing I most disliked about the game was the use of the twin sticks, it made aiming and firing more difficult than if the game had stuck to a single stick configuration for movement and aiming, using the two was redundant.

Having played the game for some while, it must be said that while you can play as a single player, enjoying discovering some insane weapons to kill aliens, this is still better as a co-op game, its just a shame there appears to be no public servers.


Charles Packer

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