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Infinity Pool
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Tim Hecker
Label: Milan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 January 2023

Milan Records (Sony Music Soundtracks) releases the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Infinity Pool, by Tim Hecker. In the film directed by Brandon Cronenberg, couple James and Em enjoy the relaxing comfort of a sun and sea holiday, but when the seductive Gabi guides them outside of the resort’s grounds, they encounter a strict culture of violence and hedonism. A tragic accident has them confronted with the full and unforgiving crime policy: either be executed or, if you can afford it, watch yourself die instead. Juno Award-winning Canadian composer and musician Tim Hecker has a resume spanning 10 solo studio albums – including Ravedeath 1972 and Harmony in Ultraviolet. He has also scored the BBC series The North Water. His music explores the intersection of noise, dissonance, and melody, and has been described as “structured ambient” and “cathedral electronic music” – The soundtrack is available for download.

Track Listing: 'Spiral Walk'; 'In the Club'; 'An Accident'; 'Hit and Run'; 'The Arrest'; 'Doubling Part 1'; 'Doubling Part 2'; 'Execution'; 'Masquerade'; 'Home Invasion'; 'Ekki Gate'; 'Orgy'; 'Abduction'; 'Humiliation'; 'Shuttle to Nowhere'; 'Through the Forest'; 'Fever Dream'; 'Killing the Dog'; 'Consolation'; 'The Infinity Pool'; and 'Here to Stay'.

The score begins with very Pagan sounds; a veritable cacophony of intrusive natural sounds, and something akin to a supercar changing up through the gears! Fuzzy Electronica and single drumbeats follow. Deep rumbling and what sounds like a coin being run along a piano string add to the feeling of unease. The overall sound is just a toe inside the door to music. The inventiveness of incorporating different simple Pagan and Industrial noises cannot be denied; however, it is already beginning to wear thin. The approach of the listener can only direct itself to the connectivity of the film itself. What fits the horror/thriller movie is right. Some soundtracks work as standalone pieces, whilst others become noticeably isolated. It’s like a jigsaw without all of its pieces.

'Masquerade' has promise but fails to develop into what might have been an interesting electronic instrumental music number. 'Orgy' is a gradual building of palpable menace. 'The Infinity Pool', as a music theme, is probably the best of the bunch whilst containing little pace. It is obvious to me that this collection works better as an atmospheric and eerie background to situations such as horror-related gatherings, or Halloween night sound effects to scare trick or treaters. With next to no music, it doesn’t work well as a standalone, but I remember going to see the play Ghosts at the theatre and they piped-in sounds not too dissimilar to this as you walked in. It proved very effective.


Ty Power

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