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Late Works
Volume 1


Composer: Franz Schubert
Performed by: Steven Masi (piano)
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 March 2023

Following his 2019 Navona Records release Brahmsiana, pianist Steven Masi returns with a full program of piano works by composer Franz Schubert on Schubert: Late Works. Lauded by critics for his masterful touch and dynamic style, Masi capitalizes on the unrivaled emotive power of solo piano throughout this album, drawing out a voice from the instrument that is profoundly human. Follow him on this journey through Schubert’s works to experience a well-balanced blend of virtuosic artistry and a razor-sharp precision...

Pianist Steven Masi delivers powerful, yet subtle, performances of some of Franz Schubert's final works on this 7 track (1 hr, 16 min, 55 sec) LP.

'The Drei Klavierstücke D. 946', ('Three Piano Pieces'), was composed in 1828 a few months before Schubert's death.

'Sonata No. 21' is the last of three piano sonatas ('D 958', ' D 959' and 'D 960'). They were written during the last months of his life, between the spring and autumn of 1828.

The quality of this recording is second to none. It almost sounds like Masi is performing an intimate recital in your home and you can feel the pianist's emotional attachment to these pieces on every note.

An incredibly beautiful collection of some of the great composer's final works.

Track listing:

01. Drei Klavierstücke D 946, No. 1 in Eb Minor (9:39)
02. Drei Klavierstücke D 946, No. 2 in Eb Major (13:58)
03. Drei Klavierstücke D 946, No. 3 in C Major (5:35)
04. Sonata No. 21 in Bb, D 960: I (22:15)
05. Sonata No. 21 in Bb, D 960: II (11:33)
06. Sonata No. 21 in Bb, D 960: III (4:33)
07. Sonata No. 21 in Bb, D 960: IV (9:25)


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