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Soundtrack Review

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Epic Themes III


Composer: various
Performed by: London Music Works
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
SILED1700 (download)
Release Date: 21 April 2023

Silva Screen release the third volume in its Epic Themes series. In addition to the best recent trailer music from highly sought out composers such as Thomas Bergen, Zack Hemsey, Harry Lightfoot, Jo Blankenburg, this 15-track digital album collection also features Hans Zimmer’s glorious 'Suite' from Planet Earth II and Lorne Balfe’s 'Theme' from His Dark Materials, a syncopated and angular melody, at the same time beautiful and unsettling...

For the third installment in its Epic Themes collection, Silva Screen Records aims mainly for original pieces rather than taking epic themes from movies / games / TV shows as it did for Volume 2. The result is a collection of 15 tracks (44 min, 16 sec) that you probably haven't heard before, as well as contributions from new and upcoming composers.

For bringing new music to a wider audience, this release deserves your attention. Without a doubt some of these composers will go on to become highly regarded in the music industry if what's on display here is indicative of their work.

The album concludes with two tracks that return us back to epic themes in TV shows - both good choices, as the full album's for Planet Earth II and His Dark Materials are incredible.

This is the perfect album to put on while playing fantasy roleplaying games where action and suspense are major factors to the experience.

Track listing:

01. Victory - Thomas Bergersen
02. Strength of a Thousand Men - Thomas Bergersen
03. See What I've Become - Zack Hemsey
04. Garador's Flight - Jo Blankenburg
05. Guardians At The Gate - Kevin Rix
06. Archangel - Thomas Bergersen
07. We Are Gods - Harry Lightfoot
08. Aqua Vitae - Armen Hambar
09. Here Comes The King - Paul Dinletir
10. Serenata Immortale - Jeffrey Fayman; Yoav Goren
11. Unstoppable - Franz Vonlichten; Helmut Vonlichten
12. So Say We All - Harry Lightfoot
13. Angels Will Rise - Rob Scales
14. Suite (From Planet Earth II) - Hans Zimmer
15. Theme (From His Dark Materials) - Lorne Balfe


Darren Rea